Trip to the Roaring 20's Antique Car Museum

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In 2015 Bull Run Region lost two long time members:
Bud Lewis
Jerold Gilbert

The Region has made donations in their memory to the AACA.

Car of the Month

1935 Auburn

The Auburn Automobile Company was established in 1900, although it was not incorporated until August, 1903. The company evolved from the Eckert Carriage Company of Auburn, Indiana, when the sons of the owner got interested in the horseless carriages that were emerging

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Congratulations to New Officers

President - Bill Holmes
VP – Scott Patton
Secretary – Pam Pandolfi
Treasurer– Nicki Hudson
Regional Directors - Pete Pandolfi, George Richardson, Brandon Bazan

Congratulations 2014 Award Winners

Howard Hamm Award - Jon Battle
Ambassador Awards - Darryll Baker, George & Joann Richardson, Bill Sessler
Continuous Service Award - Franklin Gage
Arthur Ault - Bill Holmes